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ctt nowe 250Cracow University of Technology (CUT) is a medium-sized technical university with an academic staff of 1,232 and ca. 17,000 students located in one of the biggest academic centres in Poland.
Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) is a unit within the CUT structure responsible for maintaining non-academic activities of the university such as technology transfer, facilitating contacts between academia, industry and regional stakeholders, creation of start-ups and promotion of science and entrepreneurship. From 2000 to 2007 TTC was the coordinator of the Innovation Relay Centre South Poland and since 2008 CUT has been the coordinator of Enterprise Europe South Poland. CUT has also been a coordinator of the Regional Contact Point (RCP) for FP5/FP6/FP7 since 1999.
TTC has operated as a Consultation Centre (CC) for SMEs since 2005. It is functioning as a first-contact institution for small and medium-sized enterprises, provides free information services with respect to issues associated with entrepreneurial activities and enterprise management. The role of the CC advisor is to identify the available assistance programmes and to provide detailed information as to the conditions for the granting of assistance. The CC is financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. TTC CUT supports entrepreneurs in implementation of innovation via stimulation of technology needs, promotion of innovation, training advisory and information services. TTC CUT has more than 1500 clients yearly.
Also, since four years TTC CUT has organized a contest for innovative companies in the Malopolska region. Its aim is to support company development by promotion of the innovative firms as well as promotion of best practices.
TTC CUT is engaged in the regional policy of the Malopolska Region by supporting the regional entrepreneurship and innovation development. It took part in creation of the Regional Strategy of Innovation in the Malopolska Region for 2005-2013 as well as in the project “InnoRegioMalopolska. Strengthening of the Regional Innovation Strategy” financed by the 6th Framework Programme.
TTC CUT implemented the following projects connected to the subject of this proposal: “Consultation Centre for SMEs of the National Service Network”; “Start in Business – new chances, new opportunities”; “Start in Business - support for academic entrepreneurship”. All of these projects were financed within European Structural Funds, Human Capital as well as Integrated Operational Programme of the Regional Development.
The main tasks of TTC CUT in the B-innovative project are to develop country-specific lecture modules of the “Basics of Building a Business” lecture series, to organize the lecture series in Poland (including the identification and invitation of suitable entrepreneurs as lecturers) and finally to organize a contest for best business ideas and business plans among the beneficiaries


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