Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain

RIASGPA 250The predecessor of the Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain (RIA-SGP APU) is the Regional Developmental Agency of South Great Plain which was established in 2004 and started its activities in a consortium form at the end of 2005. The key objective of the Developmental Agency in the field of innovation and R&D was to increase the level of regional co-operation. The primary task was the utilization of innovation capacities at a regional level, furthermore to increase co-operation between innovators  and to provide a toolkit for sustainable development. The Development Agency finished to operate in the form of a consortium on 31 Dec 2007.
In order to continue and improve the planning, bridging, network developing and service providing functions of the predecessor, 16 independent legal bodies as representatives of the innovation processes in the South-Great Plain established the Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain in January 2008.
The RIA-SGP functions as the region’s innovation agency which has a bridging role between the academic and business spheres. The Association's main objectives are to provide a reliable coordinating, planning, organizing and service providing unit that supports the cooperation between the members of R&D&I and the industry and the formation of well-structured networks for innovators.
The Regional Innovation Agency provides a wide range of services such as technology, legal, strategic and business consultancy for academic research institutions, SMEs, and for individuals. In addition it continuously organizes training programmes and innovation-related events for the same target groups.
The consultancy service reaches a number of areas (business-development and financing) focusing especially on SMEs. Furthermore, by operating an information point network, this activity of the Agency covers all three counties of the region. Through its research activities it also assesses the demand of the enterprises in the region and the services of the advisory organisations. RIA-SGP manages a professional database for local, regional and national SMEs. Furthermore, we are continuously monitoring the effects of our programmes and enter the feedback of the target groups.


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